March 16, 2011

PAX East 2011

The new venue was bigger and better. Unfortunately, it is nowhere near any decent eating or drinking establishments; Harpoon brewery, which we checked out Thursday afternoon, notwithstanding. Meals were 15$ minimum at any establishment within a mile and weak coffee was available for an outrageous 3$ a cup. I am glad I purchased snacks and fruit for the weekend on Thursday.

I also skipped the concerts for the first time this year and was glad for it. The time I gained in not standing in line alone let me sneak in a few extra games with friends.


Tabletop free play. Nothing beats catching up with old friends over new (to me) board games. I played Race for the Galaxy, Carcassone, and Dixit for the first time. We also got in a round of Citadels.

Dungeons and Dragons. Steve, Tim and I joined 3 randoms for the Saturday night DM Challenge, a 4 hour adventure after which we rated our DM in various categories. Our DM was great and the game was a riot. My character ended the adventure at -9 and stabilized!

Console free play. Got a few rounds of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mario Party in, and got to watch Bayonetta, Dead Space 2 and a couple of other interesting games.

New games. Really enjoyed the look and feel of Fez (Polytron), Battleblock Theater (Behemoth), and Dungeon Defenders (Trendy). There were more but names are eluding me right now.


Nintendo 3DS. I played Resident Evil Mercenaries and watched Street Fighter from a decent vantage. I wasn’t impressed with either offering, and after only 10 minutes in front of the 3DS my eyes were strained.

Privateer Press. I understand they like Seattle, but I was really disappointed with the lack of presence at PAX East. We saw some Warmachine games in the tabletop free play section on Saturday, but nothing particularly organized.

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