February 8, 2011

Lists At 15 And 25

Standard list sizes are 35 points, but Steve and I have been playing 11 point (warpack) matches and plan to graduate to 15 points in the next week and 25 points shortly after. After a sizable order on miniaturemarkets.com, I have 3 warlocks and several unit options; none popular with the tournament crowd, but suited for fun.

I am primarily interested in playing with Hoarluk Doomshaper (HD) at lower thresholds, particularly as my primary opponent is playing a 'jack heavy army. I have Calandra and Madrak, as well, but don’t have the units to support a strong composition with either at the lead.

Available Units
Earthborn Dire Troll (EBDT) @ 10pts
Dire Troll Mauler (DTM) @ 9pts
Troll Axer (TA) @ 6pts
Troll Impaler x2 (TI) @ 5pts
Trollkin Fennblades (TkF) @ 5/8pts
Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes (KBSS) @ 4pts
Runeshapers (RS) @ 4pts (3pts with Doomshaper’s Tier 1)
Janissa Stonetide (JS) @ 3pts

Thoughts @ 15pts

HD (-7), EBDT (+10), DTM (+9), RS (+4-1)
HD (-7), EBDT (+10), RS (+4-1), JS (+3), TA (+6)
If I had another DTM, this might be interesting: HD (-7), DTM x2 (+18), KBSS (+4)

Thoughts @ 25pts

HD (-7), EBDT (+10), DTM (+9), TA (+6), KBSS (+4), RS (+4-1)

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