June 17, 2009

Two Days At The Park

Broken WindowsA trip to Yankees Stadium on Sunday and the recently opened High Line on Tuesday gave me the opportunity to experiment with my first “real” camera, a Canon EOS 40D I purchased in celebration of my impending 28th birthday. My father, brother and eldest sister dabbled in photography, but the bug only bit me recently; no doubt a quote on Ffffound about documenting everything. I'm only playing with aperture and manual focus to start (the easiest things to play with on a 28-135mm zoom lens), but I hope to tinker with other aspects soon. Regardless of my artistic foibles, the camera is definitely the best (to date) of my impulsive birthday buys.

Anyway, I liked the High Line. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was an excellent public space. The mingling of rusted tracks and wildflowers against a skyscraper horizon put me in a good mood. I was reminded of the wilderness in Colorado; we reached the trail head of our seven-day hike by steam locomotive. After the train pulled away it was just a lonely set of tracks in the mountains and this sense of amazement. Okay, there was a bit of "Oh, fuck, the train is gone. Now what?" I was with experienced hikers (Oleg's recent video of receiving morphine in the E.R. after a Black Widow bite notwithstanding) who wouldn't lead me astray, right?

The new Yankees Stadium is amazing. I liked Citi field, but Yankees Stadium blew me away. We had nosebleed seats near the left field foul pole, but spent only two thirds of an inning there. The full-view standing area, above the field level and below the mezzanine, is where we spent most of the afternoon (with Mike, a lifetime Mets fan, cringing at every one of the 15 Yankee runs). We eventually circled around to the bleachers and sat for the 8th and 9th. Regardless, you definitely don't feel as pinned to your seat as you did at the old stadium. My recommendation: get the cheapest tickets and just walk around. It's a much better experience.

I probably need a flickr account. 700 pictures in 3 days.

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