June 20, 2009

Do Not Touch Or Push Zoltar

In spite of some drizzle, I dragged myself onto the F and made the long trip down to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade. It was my first visit to Coney Island and I had a good time. I made sure to eat at least one hot dog from Nathan's, a chili cheese dog; somewhat nauseating as breakfast. Zoltar, here on the right, was my favorite entry in the parade. Not exactly a mermaid, but how can you argue with a guy who built a fortune-telling booth on a Segway and looks like he rolled out of Big. Plus, he had a pretty sweet bumper sticker (below). I am going to try and make it down there again before the summer is over to check out the rides and the New York Aquarium next door.

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Jonathan said...

Here is a video of zoltar at the mermaid parade