June 15, 2009


The urge to run another Dungeons and Dragons campaign grows stronger every day. Below is an idea for a campaign setting I cooked up after some discussion in IRC about whether or not the moon's destruction would end life on earth.

“The moon crumbled; a glob of bright paint on the canvas of the firmament slowly smeared from one horizon to the other. We watched and cried, our grief mirrored in the fiery tears that spilled to earth from the heavens. We witnessed a goddess fall and, though light and justice prevailed in that conflict among the gods, every night thereafter would be darker for it.”

Ansolon is a world lorded over by petty and bickering gods. It was once orbited by a small, pale moon which collapsed into a belt of dust and rocks that now cinches the planet. With the destruction of its sole satellite, Ulna, Ansolon entered a calamitous age. The days passed more quickly and raging winds tore down the ramshackle huts and canopy shelters erected by men and elves. Earthquakes, fires and floods rewrote both the surface and underbelly of the known world.

While most of the moon remained in the heavens to stripe the sky, some of its magic-laden pieces crashed to the earth. Wherever they impacted, the seeds of chaos were sown; flora and fauna mutated into twisted mockeries of the natural order, the landscape warped and the influence of the deceased goddess tainted the essence of magic and life. Ulna's servants, for everything near these descended fragments fell under the goddess's sway, now seek revenge. The night crawls with creatures infected with the dead goddess's malice and madness, bent on the desecration of Ansolon.

After 200 years, the combined efforts of the civilized races have restored some semblance of order to the seasons, but the hold is tenuous at best.

Well, maybe the stars will align and I'll find a regular group and a place to play.

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