January 2, 2011

New Year, New Paints, New Project

My reentry into Warmachine and first exposure to Hordes started this week with a box of Trollkin Fennblades. Not the wisest choice for army genesis, considering the unit is basically unplayable against the prefabricated starter sets, but the models look good and I am avoiding the Trollblood starter box until the plastic miniatures are released. It's not that I'm averse to working with metal miniatures, I just prefer plastic.

Emily gave me an awesome paint box, paints and paintbrushes for Christmas, so I was eager to crack them open and get started yesterday. Unfortunately, the Fennblade model I chose to paint had a ton of mold lines; about 30 minutes of scraping and filing later I was ready to base it. I don’t normally get too fancy with bases, but I really wanted this Fennblade standing with one foot up on a rock. I removed the plastic bar connecting the model's feet and created a more dynamic pose.

I primed black and was ready to go. The defining articles of Trollblood equipment are the sash and loincloth, traditionally painted with a pattern unique to your army. Having drooled jealously over the tartan designs on many Trollblood armies, I decided to try my hand at a simple tartan design which I think came out rather well.

This model is about 90% done. I'm going to repaint and possibly add some sculpting to the leg to have him "going commando". I've also got to highlight the dark green and red in the sash. The tartan design was simple: a base layer of dark green ("Green Meadow"); a broad cross pattern of dark red ("Brick Red") with brighter red ("Napthol Crimson") square intersections; lastly, thin yellow ("Lemon Custard") lines breaking the horizontal pattern.

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Green Light said...

The tartan looks great babe! Make sure you load that box up with paints and models for mini fest 2011 Tue-Thur ha ha. ;) They look really good! I can not wait to start painting my wolfens!

Christopher John said...

Thanks! The blurry pictures aside I am happy with the results. I will bring up everything I need except primer because I'm going to steal yours! :p

Green Light said...

Primer thief. I still have not had the chance to start priming my doods. Too much activity. Emily like, really needs a break.