December 21, 2010

Green Stuff I

"Green stuff" is awesome and I don't always have the patience for it. In an effort to wind down after a long day, I spent some time modifying the musician for my Empire State Troops, adding straps for his unwieldy drum. I used 5 small pieces; 1 long strap, 2 shorter straps that appear to cross underneath the main strap, and 2 small balls pressed flat where the strap joins the drum, to give the appearance of pins.

I flattened the straps and squared the edges with a pair of coffee stirrers, and trimmed excess with a scalpel. The process took about 20 minutes.

I also spent some downtime drooling at the new releases for Hordes and Warmachine. Anyone interested in picking up a starter box and learning the game with me? I remember owning the original Cygnar starter set in '04 or '05, but I ended up selling it, fully painted, for about 75$; never did get to play.

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Green Light said...

Good job looks awesome! I need to alter a few pieces lol. (mmmm skaven with bird skulls ha ha)

Sara Franklin said...

This is really cool. Next time I'm over I'd love to see how you do it IRL.