December 19, 2010


I picked up Torchlight for 5$ off of Steam. After messing around with various characters I settled on the Destroyer and finally beat the game this evening. With some time spent on side quests it took 15 hours from start to finish on Hard at level 34; Ordrak is a ridiculously long (and laggy, on my aging laptop) fight.

There is a ton (65+ levels) of post-story game, which only encompasses the first 35 levels of play. I’m not sure I'll continue just to get to the 100th level (my Completionist days are hopefully past), but I will eventually try and beat Ordrak on Very Hard/Hardcore mode; if you die, your character is essentially deleted and you must start over. Alas, two poor Alchemists have already met their untimely end at my hands.

Still, even if I don't continue playing, Torchlight is my best 5$ gaming investment to date. If you see it on sale, I recommend it.

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