December 17, 2010

Painting Again

With the second session of the new Pathfinder game past, I decided it was time to paint some of the miniatures picked out by players to represent their characters. These two minis have been in my collection, primed black and wanting, for about eight years now. The first was this elfish ranger:

I’m not happy with his right hand, which has been remodeled several times and eventually pinned after breaking at the hilt. The cloak also has some strange coloration due to a repainting; I glued my finger to it while adding the sand base and subsequently ripped off parts of the base coat.

The necromancer has been half finished since the day I got it. I actually painted over some red in favor of blue-complementing brown. The runes on the scroll are clumsily painted on (this smaller resolution version of the image handily conceals my frequent erasing with white paint).

As an aside, I learned how to take pictures of miniatures with my 50mm lens. The f-stop was at 1.8 for the pictures in the previous post, which in poor light at macro distances produces an extremely narrow focus. With the f-stop increased to 5.0, near the lens’s maximum of 5.6, there is a deeper field of focus. I am pleased with the results, though the miniatures are a little shiny as the matte varnish was still wet when the pictures were taken.

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Green Light said...

I am super happy you figured out how to photography minis, for totally selfish reasons of course. <3 I like the necromancer a lot. He looks... done? I am confused at the half doneness part. (Sleepy, three am, just got back from Newark.)

Christopher John said...

Done as of last night, for sure. He was half-painted for 8 years.

Green Light said...

Lol. It took me until this morning to get that. I really like them both, but especially him. I am super excited to take some pictures of mine.