December 3, 2010

New Campaign(s)

I am super excited for a character building session tonight with the folks in my weekly D&D game. We recently retired our 4th edition campaign, which spanned from 1st to 11th level and 16 months. The last game wrapped up with our halfling Rogue retrieving the missing half of his soul from a powerful lich, a phased combat that absorbed most of the session.

The next campaign's plot will be more humble. I have a tendency to turn every story into an epic yarn with the characters at a vortex of world-shattering events. I’m devolving to a town-dungeon-castle triumvirate that houses the entire world much like one of my favorite video games, Shining in the Darkness; more recently, Torchlight (of course, no castle here). I wonder if Torchlight's creators played Shining in the Darkness?

Speaking of devolving, at least numerically, we're giving Pathfinder a try. After a handful of paragon-level combats in 4th edition I was ready to tear my hair out; tracking status effects, every player frozen in encounter or daily indecision, total inability to challenge a party with 2 leaders because some combination of healing and neutered stock monsters is broken.

I've been spending some time on terrain and modeling for the new campaigns (the above, plus the game I now run monthly for the formerly-of-Ossining crowd). My desk is currently a clutter of miniatures, paints, coffee stirrers, and more. Expect more terrain- and craft-related posts in the near future.

Lastly, I purchased my ticket for PAX East 2011!


Sara Franklin said...

I like the photo. I'm totally interested in the terrain building...

Christopher John said...

Thanks. I don't have a suitable lens for documenting terrain building but I'm going to try to photograph most of that, too.