August 28, 2009

So Easy...

“Where've you been?”

“Busy, working a lot, family stuff, outside, in a cave, etc.”

“Mostly in a cave, right?”

My answer was a frown and a grunt. I felt for a moment like Rob in the movie version of High Fidelity. When first confronted by Ian in the shop, Rob imagines a few less-than-cordial responses to Ian's request that Rob stay out of Laura's life. Similarly, I imagined a few rude words with a smattering of violence; the flash fire of judgment burned away the wilted sapling of that acquaintance. Regardless, I was not really in a cave, but I guess we could argue about it (nested reference). I think today's spinning brain is inciting rubbish in my own words. Whatever, it's a slow one on the job and politics binds these hands against working my arcane art, so I'll play butcher in a different text editor.

I'm looking forward to PAX 2009 next week. I lit that money on fire; a last minute vacation, but I wanted it. Deserve and need are cursed words. I try not to use them, but it's been over a year since I did some traveling for traveling's sake and the change of pace is welcome. Seattle is a fresh destination for me, as well.

I have a daunting number of pictures from camping and a trip to the Renaissance Faire. I've yet to really digest them for a number of reasons, none of which resemble dark and unknown passages beneath the earth. Turning on my MacBook Pro is akin to standing in the kitchen with the oven and range on high, and August brought with it the only evidence that summer still exists in New York.

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