May 27, 2009

Dwarf Fortress

I am recently enamored of Dwarf Fortress, a ridiculously detailed game in which you create a settlement of dwarfs, mine the earth, kill goblins and hopefully attract migrants to join your outpost. I first downloaded the game a year ago on the recommendation of a friend, but the ASCII graphics turned me off. Last week I was given a sprite pack for the game and my interest bloomed. Its artificial intelligence, randomly generated content and learning algorithms are fantastic; each settlement you create, regardless of its success or failure, impacts future settlements and adventures.

After accidental floods and at least one winter starvation TPK, I'm getting the hang of it. Strangely, the hardest part is learning how to build stairs (I asked Google).


Sean said...

I've wanted to get into this for a while, since I saw it on Three Panel Soul - - the GUI (or lack there of) turned me off too.

Christopher John said...

I've got the graphics pack somewhere, I'll dig around and send you a link this evening. DF is definitely rewarding once you understand the basics. Being able to set tasks for your dudes and go wash the dishes or something is nice, too. I leave it running in the background while I read the news (it pauses for significant events).

Also, I hadn't read Three Panel Soul before; I like it.